Year: 2014

Wider is a news app realized during the time of a workshop in Amsterdam with the Reuters agency. The pitch was to create a new product app for press, a field currently in full change.

We worked on 3 key points for the application: an edition each week, a detailed analysis of a subject, and a global overview of the medias (BBC, Vice…), while proposing to show the divergent opinions in press. 

We experimented on one subject: our goal was to segment the reading, and to stimulate the user with interactive contents. Our inspirations for typography come from the newspaper press, as we tried to make the reading pleasant and fluid.

Type : School project (Gobelins, Paris)
My role : Concept developpment, UX design, Interface design

Team :  Sylvain Reucherand (developer), Clément Bardon (developer), Marthe Siesthrunk (designer)

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Divergent opinions system

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